Flooring Cutter EF-215

Product Introduction:

The functional design prevents airborne dust in your work space and frees you from the hassle of electrical cords. It is ideal for cutting Laminate Flooring, up to 12mm thick, is the most popular cutter with a wide cutting range with a working table, Cutting Capacity: 215 mm (8-1/2") rip cut, angle, notch and lengthwise cut. This kind of blade which can be replaced, provides an easy and clean edge cutting on floor planks.

• Cut Where You Work - Save time walking to and from your saw

• Quiet Operation / No Electricity - Cut anytime day or night

• DUST FREE cutting provides a healthier job site


• Laminate Flooring


• Compact design, easy to move around

• Quick, quiet and easy to use

• No Dust - Fast cleanup, work inside

• No Noise - Work early or late

• No Electricity - Easy setup, environmentally friendly

• Save Time - Safely cut where you work


• Cutting Width: 215 mm (8-1/2") rip cut

• Cutting Depth: 12 mm thick

• Inner Package Size: 693×127×83 mm

• KG / LB: 5.4 / 11.9

• Master Box: 3×5.4 kg (11.9Lb)

• Pallet: 168 pcs

• QTY: 2520 pcs / 20'

            5040 pcs / 40'