Miter Trimmer,miter cutter,trim cutter MT-330

Product Introduction:

The functional design prevents airborne dust in your work space and frees you from the hassle of electrical cords. Extruded aluminum base, a sharp 3 mm thick tungsten blade, which can be sharpened and replaced, provides an easy and clean edge cutting on floor planks. A 330 mm long 3 mm thick tungsten steel blade provides a clean cutting edge. Specialized design cutting Rubber/Vinyl Wall-Base, Much safer than a saw blade and cutting PVC Flooring, LVT Flooring, Vinyl Material.
• Cut Where You Work - Save time walking to and from your saw
• Quiet Operation / No Electricity - Cut anytime day or night
• DUST FREE cutting provides a healthier job site
• Strong, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction
• Built-in ruler & movable fence for 45° (to 9 in. wide) and 90° cuts
• Compact design, easy to move around.
• Light weight and very easy to use


• Miter/Trim  Flooring
• PVC Flooring 
• Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)


• HSS sharp blade
• No sharp edge.
• Long handle for more power.
• Angle gauge for angle cutting
• Sturdy steel and aluminum construction
• Compact design, easy to move around
• Quick, quiet and easy to use
• No Dust - Fast cleanup, work inside
• No Noise - Work early or late
• Seamless cutting


• PVC Cutting width: 330mm(13")
• Miter/Trim Cutting width: 246mm(9.7")
• PVC Cutting depth: 6.5mm(1/4")
• Miter/Trim 90°Cutting depth: 22.8mm(9/`10")
• Miter/Trim 45°Cutting depth: 17.8mm(7/`10")
• Inner Package Size: 455x425x165mm/3set
• KG / LB: 6.4 / 14.1
• Master Box: 3x6.4kg(14.1Lb)
• Pallet: 75pcs
• QTY: 600 pcs/20', 1200 pcs/40'
• The size of the blade: 330*25*3
• KG / LB: 0.15/0.348